The Essentials

Artistic, historic and gastronomic unique walking tours
By combining artistic (including visits to art galleries), historic (strolling through a Parisian neighborhood) and gastronomic (chocolate tasting, wine… depending on the theme) discoveries, they will seduced by the tour’s intimate feeling and its focus on a particular neighborhood.

Art & Chocolate in Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Art & Wine in Belleville
Art & Pastry in the Marais
Art & Bubbly in Montmartre

… and many other behind the scenes themes.

100% Custom-made

We adapt to the sensitivities, expectations and availability of each person.
If you have specific requirements and objectives, tell us the details and together we will design the appropriate event.

Some suggestions in collaboration with our partners in addition to our artistic, historic & gastronomic walking tours:
hocolate/pastry workshop
– Cooking-class followed by the dinner with a wine expert in a private Parisian venue.
– Lunch/dinner at a privatized table d’hôte
– Ride in famous 2CV
– Fragrance creation workshop

Paris is yours, just relax, RobertPINK takes care of everything!

The Classics revisited

Paris guided tours: monuments, museums, permanent collections, temporary exhibitions
historic monuments, major museums or more intimate ones, permanent collections and temporary exhibitions centered around contemporary art, civilizations, history and photography… Every tour is adapted to defined choices and the program is regularly renewed to keep up with the rich Parisian culture of the moment. tour Paris by car
A journey through the heart of Paris, by bus or chauffeured car: the story of the city unfolds during the course of a custom-made itinerary all according to the visitor’s pace.

Paris by water
Enjoy breakfast, a snack, a cocktail or dinner aboard a yacht and enjoy the splendor of the City of Lights seen from its river, an opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful beautiful Parisian treasures!