The walk in detail

A stroll along the Canal Saint-Martin and its surroundings

Always in movement but keeping in the air its markers, the area of the Canal Saint-Martin is very charming, lined with Chestnut and Plane trees. The itinerary offers a discovery of its paralleling streets, home of minor miracles…

Starting in front of the Barrière de la Villette, this walk is about 10 steps, including especially a unique architecture, a hidden garden and a bucolic street. It ends at a lovely place for a goûter.

For a 2-hour walk and 1-hour tasting break.
Basis of 190 € for 2 adults – volume discount from 3 ppl.
+ possible extra(s), depending on the walking tour selected, the composition of the group, the number of participants, customization, etc.

Date according to your schedule and / or tailor-made

* Pictures © Paris Tourist Office – Photographer: Jacques Lebar